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Don't Be Cruel

My entire life I have had a huge love and attachment to animals. Horseback riding, rescuing animals and opening our family home to creatures of all sorts including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, bunnies, gerbils, and fish played a big factor in my passion towards how animals are ethically treated.

I make a huge effort to only support and promote cruelty-free brands and brands that do not allow their products to be sold in Mainland China whereby law, foreign brands must go through animal testing to be sold there.

There are other accurate ways of ensuring products are safe for the use of consumers that do not involve the torture of living beings.

The cosmetics industry is a tricky world filled with loopholes that allow companies to say that they are cruelty-free when maybe the company does not test on animals, but the suppliers they by from do, which therefore does means they are not a truly cruelty-free company.

It is not always easy finding out if brands are truly cruelty free, but with the help of sites like ‘Cruelty Free Kitty’, ‘The Leaping Bunny Program’ and sometimes just a quick google, we can help make a difference in animal rights and support brands that believe in what is ethically right.


Check out these sites to learn more on what brands are cruelty-free!

Cruelty-Free Kitty | Cruelty-Free Made Simple

Homepage | Leaping Bunny

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